Published on 04/07/2020

Voicing Solidarity through sailing

Giancarlo Pedote : “Over the course of the winter, my partners and I have sought to find a way for the boat to serve as a platform for those in need. Indeed, the action being carried out by the volunteers of Électriciens sans frontiers (Electricians without borders), who are working to reconnect public and community buildings on the island of Dominica to the electric network following the passage of Hurricane Maria back in 2017, gave us the idea of using the boat as a means of raising funds to reconstruct these buildings. In this way, for every click/ share/ comment, 1m of electric cable will be given to the association.
To my mind, our IMOCAs must be useful to people or causes. If the sole aim of these magnificent machines is to get from A to B as quickly as possible, they are of very little interest.”