Published on 05/01/2021

The Rounding of Cape Horn : tick

Some 57 days into the Vendée Globe, Giancarlo rounded the legendary Cape Horn last night. It’s a crucial hurdle in the race, which the skipper of Prysmian Group has just ticked off the list. “I rounded the headland with 45 knots of breeze and very heavy seas! I’d considerably modified the sail plan (J3 and 3 reefs in the mainsail). It was really important for me to preserve the boat.” Indeed, upon rounding the Cape of Good Hope, Giancarlo PEDOTE said that he was going to put the race to one side for a month whilst he negotiated the Southern Ocean. 
“Now that Cape Horn is in my wake, I’ll finally be able to have a breather! I’m exhausted but I’ll now be able to switch back to attack mode!” The race is not over. There are still a little over 20 days of racing to go and he is very much in a position to challenge the TOP 10. The boat is in great shape and the sailor has the bit between his teeth! Watch out, Giancarlo is coming!!!