Published on 09/01/2021

The home straight for Giancarlo and the 1 CLICK = 1M of cable projects

Commencing at the start of the Vendée Globe, the “1 click = 1 m” projects enable 1m of electric cable to be collected for the Électriciens sans Frontières’ operation for every click on Giancarlo PEDOTE’s social networks. It’s an INCLUSIVE operation championed by a sailor in SOLO format.
Starting with a secondary school in Senegal and then a hospital in Madagascar, the operation will also provide help to schools in N’grouli and Bawelessi in Togo. Today, the students in these villages are struggling with their education due to the absence of lighting. At the same time, the villages’ inhabitants are spending a great deal of money on buying the fuel for their paraffin lamps.

The latest project involves the implementation of a photovoltaic installation to:
– power the classes with electricity and provide light in the school
– set up a recharging station for sun lamps as alternatives to paraffin lamps, resulting in substantial savings for the inhabitants
– train up the inhabitants so they know how to maintain and make effective use of the electrical installations themselves.