Published on 10/11/2019

The drag race continues

This Sunday morning, as they line themselves up to pass the Fernando de Noronha archipelago offshore of Natal, on the north-eastern tip of Brazil, Giancarlo Pedote and Anthony Marchand are continuing their descent towards Salvador de Bahia propelled by the SE’ly trade wind.

Their plan of attack remains unchanged from yesterday since, on this long reach which has opened up after exiting the Doldrums, the only strategy to adopt is to go hard and fast. In this regard, what could be better than having a good pacesetter alongside you with which to set the standard in terms of speed?  Indeed, the duo on Prysmian Group are this morning jockeying for position with the duo of Maxime Sorel – Guillaume Le Brec with whom they’re forming virtually the exact same point on the cartography. As such they’re fully focused on trimming their steed, adamant that they won’t be letting their 16th place slide. As a result, there’s a strong chance that the duel will continue right to the wire. The current ETA for their finish is overnight on Monday through into Tuesday.