Published on 31/12/2020

The calm before the storm

This Thursday, the weather situation is looking fairly complex for Giancarlo Pedote. Indeed, with the legendary Cape Horn now lying some 1,500 miles ahead, the skipper of Prysmian Group will have to manage a zone of light winds between the main low-pressure system in the south and the secondary low-pressure system to the north. It’s a real headache and will naturally require a great deal of concentration. Right now conditions are rather calm. As expected, there’s a small ridge of high pressure to traverse and the wind is fading. For the moment, I’m contending with a NNW’ly breeze but soon the wind will fill back in via the south to generate a very meaty wind”, explained the Italian sailor, who is therefore preparing for some boisterous conditions going forward. The worst of the strong wind is set to last for around a dozen hours or so and it’s going to be important to really be on top of my game during that timeframe”, explained Giancarlo who, like all of us, is preparing to turn the page on 2020. For me, it’s a day like any other. It’s simply a demonstration of the passing time”, commented the Florentine. When I’m on land, I like to celebrate the new year with my loved ones and sometimes a few friends, but it’s not something that’s really important in my life. It generally comes down to some good discussions and a small glass of champagne at midnight, that’s all”, said Giancarlo, very pragmatic as usual. He shares the same outlook with regards his position in this 9th Vendée Globe fleet after 53 days at sea. I’m happy as I’m in the right group. My goal for now remains to round the Horn with a boat in good condition. As a result, I’m going to continue to sail with the emphasis on good seamanship. I have not forgotten that there is still a long way to go to reach Les Sables d’Olonne and there could be a fair bit of jockeying for position and a lot could happen in the meantime. It’s important to stay focussed”,  concluded Giancarlo.