Prysmian Group Back in its element
Published on 05/07/2019

Prysmian Group back in its element

As planned, Monday saw Giancarlo Pedote and his team relaunch the 60-foot IMOCA in the colours of
Prysmian Group following a month and half-long overhaul.

“The operation, which began on the stroke of 5pm, went smoothly with a little bit of breeze but nothing really to speak of. The mast was stepped immediately afterwards, then the following day we set about reinstalling the different electronics systems like the sensors and the speedo… It was all rather laborious, but as has been the case since the start, it’s enabling me to get to know every inch of the boat right down to the smallest detail”, commented the Italian sailor, who has spared no effort over recent months and long ago lost track of the time he’s devoted to the project. “In practical terms, I’m working on all the project’s dossiers. I’m giving my all to this and I’m always last to leave. I’m kind of in the same mindset as I was when I did the Mini 6.50 in the sense that I’m really hands on. Soon though, I’m hoping I’ll manage to free up a bit of time to focus on thenavigation” added the sailor, who has allocated a bit of time next week for a public relations mission before he allows himself a well-earned break, along with the rest of the team, before launching into the first technical sea trials from 19 July.