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Published on 15/07/2020

Prysmian Group, 8th in the Vendée Arctique

Giancarlo Pedote on Prysmian Group finishes 8th in the Vendée Arctique Les Sables d’Olonne. In the early hours of this morning, at 01:50 hours local time, the Italian skipper crossed the finish line after ten days navigating the North Atlantic, which proved to be a great trial run for the Vendée Globe due to set sail on 8 November 2020. This first event of the year was also the opportunity to shine a spotlight on the “1click = 1m” solidarity project aimed at helping the inhabitants of the island of Dominica to be self-sufficient in energy once more.

Formative: Positive results!
On Saturday 4 July, Giancarlo Pedote took the start of the Vendée Arctique with the aim of validating the maximum number of elements for the upcoming Vendée Globe. I had a number of computer-based and electronic issues linked to the fairly complicated sea conditions upwind. For all that, every one of my means of communication: Certus, Iridium and routing systems have been validated and that’s crucial going forward, because in a few months’ time this boat will be circumnavigating the globe.” In addition to the technical constraints and the boat’s equipment, Giancarlo had to learn to connect with his boat. “We make a good pair. I’m beginning to find by reflex actions and I feel as comfortable with her as I do in the lounge of my home, which is nice! Foilers are tough boats, but I’m becoming increasingly familiar with her. I know when she needs to be powered up and when she needs to slow down.”

Competitive: a great comeback
“My electronic issues really curbed my performance. However, the more I got into the race, the greater my knowledge of the boat. In the space of 4 days, I overtook four of my rivals, which was both encouraging and motivating. Through a particular option and repositioning myself a little at the end of the race, I really got a chance to unleash the power of the 60-footer,” explained the skipper of Prysmian Group on his arrival.

Inclusive: 1 click = 1m
For Giancarlo PEDOTE and his team, sailing an IMOCA must have a sporting objective as well as being a Solidarity project. In this way, throughout July, Électriciens sans frontiers (Electricians without borders) and Prysmian Group have chosen to shine a spotlight on a project designed to collect electric cable for the inhabitants of the island of Dominica (an island ravaged by Hurricane Maria in 2017). The operation ‘1 click = 1m’, has already enabled the collection of 3,208m of cables so far this month.