Published on 01/04/2020

Pre-empting and organising

Whilst in France the population is preparing for another two weeks of confinement, Giancarlo Pedote, who is used to being in two places at once, both out on the water and at the yard, is making the most of this time to make some progress with a few rather special projects. “Ultimately, it’s pretty rare to have the opportunity to set out and mull over so many things. As such, I’m making the most of these days of isolation at home to make inroads into the logistical elements, with the emphasis on the spare kit, the clothing and the food that I’ll carry on-board during the Vendée Globe. In another context, it’s something that I’d have done later in the season, but it’s a way of moving the project forward, pre-empting things and focusing my attention on what are important matters”, explains the skipper of Prysmian Group in partnership with Electriciens sans frontières.
“The aim is to make lists that are as accurate as possible or update the ones I already have in my possession, like the one relating to spare equipment, which the Virbac-Paprec team supplied me with when I purchased the boat”, explains the sailor, who is putting together some precise inventories and adjusting them according to his own needs since it’s imperative to make certain choices with regards to the weight and size constraints. Deck fittings, composites, autopilots, lines, rigging, emergency desalinator… Giancarlo is laying everything out and weighing up the pros and cons.