Published on 21/11/2021

Neptune initiated into Breton gastronomy

At around 05:00 UTC this Sunday, Giancarlo Pedote and Martin Le Pape crossed the equator. A first for the co-skipper of Prysmian Group. “It was cool, even though we forgot the champagne. As a result, we decided to give Neptune some Hénaff pâté as we decided that he may be a bit Breton this god of the sea! (Laughs)”, joked the skipper from the Finistere, who is continuing his course towards the Fernando de Noronha archipelago, which is now less than 180 miles ahead. “It’s not a very complicated menu for us today as we’re reaching on a straight-line course towards the Brazilian islands. It’s not ideal for us with our small foils, as it’s really a point of sail where the bigger version of these appendages come to the fore. We’re struggling a bit, but we’re digging deep to keep pace with Maître CoQ at least, though it will be complicated to stick with Fortinet – Best Western”, added Martin, the duo trying to pull out all the stops in a bid to outdistance those adversaries currently in its wake. “We’re giving our all, but today’s likely to be a bit monotonous”, admits the sailor. Monotonous as well as seriously hot with the mercury rising to over 30°.