© Martina Orsini-0651
Published on 16/11/2020

Level with Cape Verde by the end of the day! 

The past 24 hours have been peaceful aboard Prysmian Group. Giancarlo PEDOTE has had the time to have a quick shower and finally take a bit of time for himself after 1 week of racing which has been hard on both the physique and the nerves. With a front to negotiate and a tropical storm to round, it has been full-on for the 33 sailors competing in the Vendée Globe. 
“Last night, the sea was more regular and we were making good headway at good speed! It’s good for the spirits as it’s more peaceful and we’ve finally had some time for ourselves. I’m beginning to get into the swing of things amidst the manœuvres, strategies and rest. 
In the mornings, from 07:30 to 09:00 hours, I’m at the chart table getting the weather and making the day’s strategic choices. Midway through the day, I reassess the situation to validate the upcoming choices for the next few hours of racing and the coming days. 
After the analysis I switch to ‘Action’ mode with manœuvres, stacking and trimming. That often takes me about thirty minutes a pop. 
Once the boat is tuned, we enter the ‘Communication’ phase, which involves communicating with the Team and updating my social networks: media appointments as well as content, audio, photo and video production. 
After all that, I switch to ‘relaxation’ mode. I sleep in 40-minute chunks and I eat as soon as I feel like it, which equates to around 4 meals every 24 hours.” 

A proper programme: boat / work / sleep!