Published on 26/11/2021

Less than 500 miles to the finish

We’re having to deal with squalls, which are throwing up the odd fairly nasty curveball. The upshot of that is some slightly quirky trajectories and some slightly random speeds. Within this context, we’re still trying to rack up the miles to steal a march on the others. We remain on the alert and on the look-out. We know that it’s important to stay clear-headed all the way to the finish, which will not be easy”, commented Martin Le Pape yesterday. Though the last few hours have been tricky, with an Internet blackout added to the mix last night, the two co-skippers of Prysmian Group have sailed a blinder over the past 24 hours.  This is evidenced by the fact that they have managed to shake off Maître CoQ and they’ve also made up a lot of ground on Fortinet – BestWestern, who they’re currently racing within sight of. With less than 500 miles to go till the finish now, the two men have the bit between their teeth. As such, they’re ready to go into overdrive down the home straight. A home straight that’s not actually as straight as all that, since they’ll have to cope as best they can with the numerous fluctuations in the wind in both direction and intensity. The challenge is a sizeable one since at this stage in the race, 6th place is still within reach for the duo!