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Published on 06/01/2021

“If the Pacific were a God, it would be Brahma”   

 Yesterday, upon rounding the legendary Cape Horn, Giancarlo PEDOTE made his return into the Atlantic Ocean, a moment for him to muse over the Pacific Ocean he’d just left in his wake and analyse his journey across it. If the Pacific Ocean were… 

A musician:  
I think it would be Vivaldi. It’s powerful, strong and intense and you very quickly pass from one season to the other. It’s dynamic, beautiful and spellbinding.”
If it were a God: I think it would resemble Brahma, the Hindu god responsible for creating the universe, who takes many forms. The Pacific was our earth’s primitive Ocean at the time of Pangaea. However, it also takes on a great many other forms and has numerous aspects to it.”
And if it were a colour: “Blue! I hesitate to say grey, but I had lots of beautiful sunrises and atmospheres, which are so special that my heart swings towards Blue”.