Published on 18/11/2020

Hello the Doldrums! 

Whilst leader Alex Thomson has just crossed the equator, Giancarlo PEDOTE is continuing to ramp up the pace in a bid to catch up with the group comprising Sam Davies, Boris Herrmann and Yannick Bestaven. In the past 24 hours, the Italian skipper has made up 100 nautical miles (200km) in relation to the leaders, who were slowed considerably by the light winds synonymous with the doldrums. The skipper of Prysmian Group will continue to play with the effects of this system to the best of his ability as the fleet is set to extend and compress for another 72 hours. Hopefully, by Friday morning, he will have made up even more of his deficit upon his exit from the system.

“It’s hot, very hot! On average, the temperature inside the boat is 28°. It’s pretty complicated trying to rest in these temperatures. The doldrums is virtually inexistent so fingers crossed at the moment. However, weather situations can quickly change around the equator. That’s why I’m trying to head south with the boat sailing at her full potential.” Very positive at the start of this race, the skipper is keen to enjoy himself out on the water and to fly the flag for his loyal partner Prysmian Group and the NGO Électriciens sans Frontières.