Published on 17/11/2020

Freeriding and Solidarity

Freeriding in the trade winds offshore of Cape Verde for the foilers and the boats with classic daggerboards. A simple programme then for the Vendée Globe skippers, who were posting joyous speeds in the early hours of Tuesday. 
Contacted by his team, Giancarlo PEDOTE, the skipper of the boat Prysmian Group, was in high spirits having spent a very pleasant night level with the Cape Verde archipelago. “All’s well aboard. Conditions are pleasant and the closer I get to the doldrums, the more my fingers are crossed that the system will allow me a simple passage through. For now, it looks simple to negotiate, but weather situations can change very quickly at the equator. As a result, I’m remaining on my guard and keeping my eye on it!” The doldrums is an inter-tropical convergence zone, where the weather systems in the northern and southern hemispheres collide, causing complicated winds in terms of strength and direction. 
At sunrise this morning, the Italian skipper was passing the longitude of Senegal. As such, he was keen to spare a thought for the students of the Saint Charles secondary school in Ziguinchor in Senegal, for whom his mission is to collect 3,850m of electric cables to bring the school’s electrical circuit up to standard. It’s a project which is very dear to Giancarlo, who is lucky enough to be living out his dream in the Vendée Globe, but is also making every effort to shine a spotlight on the work carried out by the volunteers working for Electriciens sans Frontières.