Published on 08/04/2020

Diet in self-isolation? Balanced, as ever

Diet is a strategic element in the life of a top-level athlete. Indeed it plays an obvious role in performance enhancement. This is something Giancarlo Pedote has been on top of for a long while. As such, the Italian sailor is naturally paying special attention to what he consumes during this period of confinement, as he does year-round, and though this food is very similar to what everyone else eats, he must ensure it is well composed, of greater quantity and that it is ingested at a set time, ensuring that any losses in water and mineral salts due to exertion are compensated for. “On a personal level, I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. The latter provide vitamins and minerals and I favour them due to their water content. In this way, in the mornings I prepare vegetable-based smoothies (rice or almond milk generally), with fruit and a little honey. For lunch I opt for raw vegetables. I’ve always eaten a little meat but I’m tending to eat less and less of that. However, I gulp down a lot of eggs and fish. The same is true for dinner”, explains the skipper of Prysmian Group, who also races under the colours of Electriciens sans Frontières, and is used to enjoying a perfectly balanced diet. Consequently, he doesn’t really need to modify what he eats during this period of isolation. “I’m just taking a little vitamin C supplement to boost my immune system but otherwise I’m not changing my routine”, concludes Giancarlo.