Published on 07/11/2020


With the pressure mounting slowly but surely for Giancarlo Pedote and the 32 other sailors signed up for the 9th editiof the Vendée Globe on the eve of the event start, everyone is spending their final hours on land in their own way. Us sailors are a bit crazy: when we’re on land, we want to be at sea and when we’re at sea, we want to be on land. It’s something that has to stop!” jokes the skipper of Prysmian Group. I’m keen to make the most of my final moments on terra firma as best I can, with my wife, Stefania, as well as my children, with whom I’m communicating as much as possible by video link. I’m savouring the moment as best as I can, like all my fellow competitors, however I’m itching to get hold of the results of the PCR tests. On a personal level I feel quietly confident as I’ve really been very careful. I’ve been wearing a mask at all times, as well as latex gloves. However it’s not so easy to be kept waiting, but whilst I’m devoting time with family, I’m also focusing on the weather. The good news is that the conditions for the start are mild”, explains Giancarlo, who is set to cast off from the Vendée Globe pontoon in Port Olona this Sunday at 10:07 hours, before setting sail on his round the world race at 13:02 hours.