Published on 01/01/2021

Buon anno !

After having to negotiate a light patch yesterday, this Friday Giancarlo Pedote, like Louis Burton, is positioned just a hundred miles or so further north than his direct rivals and is currently making headway in the wake of the low-pressure system. It’s a bold choice which, according to the latest routing, should pay off between now and the passage around the infamous Cape Horn that now lies some 1,300 miles ahead for the skipper of Prysmian Group. It’s a way for the Italian sailor to kick off the new year in style and he even managed to concoct a nice little meal for himself to celebrate New Year’s Eve in his own unique way. “I had some pasta with fish and then a few biscuits and chocolates”, commented the Florentine who, unlike some of his fellow competitors, didn’t see in the new year by opening a tiny bottle of champagne. “No alcohol for me. Instead I had a nice hot tea of ‘deep breathing’” explained Giancarlo. His wishes? “To enjoy some quality time with my family and my children, to finish the Vendée Globe, to sail well each day I spend on the water over the next year and to have lots of projects with Prysmian Group and Electriciens sans Frontières. I also hope that humanity manages to overcome this health crisis related to Covid-19”, concluded Giancarlo Pedote.