Published on 31/07/2019

Bound for Cowes 

Having set sail from Lorient midway through last night, Giancarlo Pedote and Anthony Marchand have begun their delivery trip to Cowes, the start venue for the Rolex Fastnet Race.

We should make England in an easing wind once Wolfgang has rolled through, which is the low pressure system that has been sweeping the Breton coast over the past two days. We’re set to have around fifteen knots tops, most of which will be on port tack, but as we’re likely to have a bit of everything, we should get a chance to go through just about all our sail wardrobe, from the J1 to the spinnaker, via the J0 and the J2”, commented the skipper of the 60-footer in the colours of Prysmian Group, who will make the most of this last sail before the start of the race due to set sail on 3 August to continue getting his bearings with his new crewmate. “Anthony and I went out sailing last week and we had a very interesting session in the breeze, with between 20 and 30 knots on Monday. This delivery trip will give us a chance to continue to get to know each other, to develop the way we communicate together and our decision-making with regards to the strategy and weather, as well as the trimming”, explained the Italian sailor, delighted by the first tacks with his associate. “We’ve already tackled a fair few subjects and found a balance in the way we operate. For now, everything’s working really well and we’ve managed to be efficient without wasting energy”, explained Giancarlo, who is set to reach the Isle of Wight  on the morning of Thursday 1 August, where the members of his shore crew, Philippe Echassoux and Fidèle Turienzo, will be awaiting him.