Prysmian Group, Électriciens sans frontières and Giancarlo Pedote initially joined forces to tackle a sports project. However, our meeting turned out to be so surprising and valuable that we wanted to invite people from around the world to meet and join the spirit of #4PEOPLE.

#4PEOPLE is a proposal to connect with people and their different realities. It is a stimulus to collaborate and make a better world for all. Working through small gestures, the exchange of ideas and the empowerment of people.

#4PEOPLE is a platform to get inspired, marvel and connect with people who share the same values.

#4PEOPLE is a project that belongs to everyone, only we make this invitation. It is all about the people who connect, bring their own challenges and put the result at the service of others.

And we do all of this because:

1. We believe in people; we believe in the unique value of individuals and how their contribution multiplies when connecting with their peers.

2. We believe in the power of diversity. Connecting with people who think differently, and live different realities is an enriching experience for all of us.

3. We value people who are willing to consider other points of view and willing to work together for others.

4. We value people who are open-minded and collaborative. Connecting with others means sharing brighter ideas, enjoying a fuller and happier life.

5. We like being around those who trust others and work for others. Who want to make a more liveable world for everyone and simply take the first steps of a thousand-miles journey.

6. #4PEOPLE is a call for connection. Because when we walk together, people find answers to questions we otherwise would not had asked ourselves. Also, we share ideas we do not imagine today that will take us further.

7. #4PEOPLE wants to change people’s lives. To make the people who join the project feel more like themselves and more like a community as a whole. That they hopefully understand their own value better, that they could connect with other people and bring value to others. #4PEOPLE wants to contribute to building a better world.

Do you share #4PEOPLE’s values? Join the movement!

I Agree

  1. Giancarlo PEDOTE (Skipper) — 
  2. Hervé GOUYET (Président - Electriciens sans frontières) — 
  3. Francesco ZECCHI (Président de Prysmian Ocean Racing) —