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A different school: Learning through experience

Being involved in the development and the education of children means committing yourself to the construction of a brighter future and a more diverse world.

Nowadays children experience realities differently because they enjoy experiences out of the ordinary. That is why some companies are currently offering some activities that complement their curriculum at school. Consequently, children are exposed to new practical knowledge and learn about the world beyond their textbooks.

Such experiences benefit both children and adults, who take the initiative to integrate them. By applying this method, the enthusiasm for learning new things and the desire to teach are combined in order to put a smile on the faces of everyone who take part in the activity.I loved seeing their tiny smiles and how curious they are at the time of learning new things, says Florin Chirita, R & D Manager Slatina Telecom about her own experience when participating in one of the projects.

Prysmian Group is one of those companies which are starting to get involved in childrens learning process, opening its doors to primary school students, so that they carry out a tour at the factory. They support a learning process that goes beyond the traditional one, based on experience and direct contact with new realities.

Approximately 200 students from schools in Slatina, Romania, visited the factory and attended the workshop Safety and prevention when using electrical devices. As well, children from a local orphanage were invited to the visit. They acquired complete knowledge for daily life, and they were given a diploma of participation and a beautiful surprise from the organizers. “The greatest satisfaction was to see the children wanted to share their experiences with us and promised to apply what they have learned whenever they are close to electric cables, says Florin.

Photos: Prysmian Group