Catherine Bouguer: “It's rewarding to collaborate and devote our time to a worthy cause”

For some people, retiring is not a finish line but an opportunity to fully explore the unfamiliar territory ahead. Three years ago, Catherine Bouguer was about to retire from a long career as a marketer. However, far from limiting herself...

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New Route

Giving a helping hand

Companies take new paths and commit themselves to helping others so that their employees can develop not only in the professional but also in the human aspect.

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We like

A different school: Learning through experience

Being involved in the development and the education of children means committing yourself to the construction of a brighter future and a more diverse world.

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#4people Magazine / 06

- Challenging boundaries - Leila Janah: Empowering through tech - Nature, a source of inspiration

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Waves Background Created but A big Boat

#4people Magazine / 04

- Magellan and Elcano: heading to the unknown - Bebe Vio: “Isn’t it possible? I´m sorry, I don´t understand those words” - Kamilla Seindler, the...

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#4people Magazine / 03

- Energy to building a more inclusive world - Design thinking: from Bill Moggridge to the people - Agostina Di Stefano: The Argentine teacher who...

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