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5,164 steps to conquer The Great Wall Marathon and empower women

Participating in a marathon is a great opportunity to test our performance, but for all women who ran the The Great Wall Marathon, it is much more than that.

On May 15th, everyone was ready to run. The beginning of women emancipation started in all areas of life. For many of them, a marathon was another tool to fight for an egalitarian society, promoting recognition and decision-making in all spheres of personal and social life. And to spread that message, women from all over the world participated in the Great Wall of China Marathon.

The slogan of the marathon reads Life changing experience. And that is exactly what this marathon meant to Kathy Li from Prysmian Group:I՚m so glad that I have taken this opportunity! It feels great that I could finish the run because that sense of achievement is beyond your imagination. I feel so empowered and full of energy to do anything I want, and I am not afraid to achieve it. That is precisely what this experience is all about: understanding that women have the power to change themselves and influence the world is in their hands, and that the key is to push the limits a bit further and take this experience as an opportunity for personal growth and for becoming a better version of themselves.

Tiange is an employee from Prysmian Group and this was her first time she ran a marathon. For her, it was both a very hard and moving experience: I felt deeply touched when we were standing at the starting line, ready to go, my eyes grew moist and there was this voice in my head telling me: ‘You are about to accomplish something with a group of likeminded people who are constantly seeking for a breakthrough in their lives. This is a mission and you are part of it, I can feel the energy and the power around people and I am so proud of myself being part of it.’ ”

The marathon series could have come to an end. But the motivation of women remains intact, always in search of new experiences and achievements.

Photos: Prysmian Group