Bebe Vio: “Isn't it possible? I'm sorry, I don't understand those words”

The story of Beatriz Vio, also known as Bebe, is a source of inspiration for anyone who gets to know her. At an early age, she suffered from severe meningitis that caused a necrosis in her joints. Subsequently, her both...

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New Route

Kamilla Seindler, the Danish chef who allied with Andean rural development

Through her work she managed to positively impact the Bolivian society, helping to reinforce their cultural identity and to promote their local cuisine.

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5,164 steps to conquer The Great Wall Marathon and empower women

Participating in a marathon is a great opportunity to test our performance, but for all women who ran the The Great Wall Marathon, it is much more than that.

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#4people Magazine / 06

- Challenging boundaries - Leila Janah: Empowering through tech - Nature, a source of inspiration

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#4people Magazine / 05

- Agro-entrepreneurs: the bet of the African continent - Catherine Bouguer: “It´s rewarding to collaborate and devote our time to a worthy cause” - Giving...

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#4people Magazine / 03

- Energy to building a more inclusive world - Design thinking: from Bill Moggridge to the people - Agostina Di Stefano: The Argentine teacher who...

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