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collaboration with the Red Cross: Publié le 01 juin 2019

“This solidarity with others gives me more strength, more energy and more confidence in myself”

I wanted to collaborate with an association serving those who have difficulties in their daily lives.

The Red Cross offered me the chance to engage based on my availability and aspirations. Above all, the Red Cross is about life saving efforts but it also develops a number of social actions aimed at different types of people. And the added benefit with the Red Cross is that they provide training so people can discover new vocations.
I’m involved with two main activities nowadays.

I offer access to culture to families who have no access or lack the resources to do so. I’ve made a long list of all the free activities available in our local area: museums, parks with games, activities organized by the city… We also get assistance from an association that offers free tickets to certain shows. It’s a real pleasure to see kids I’ve sent to see a film or a circus performance come back the following week with a huge smile and say, “it was awesome”.

I also give FLE (French as a foreign language) classes to political refugees, people who have fled their countries because life there was unbearable or even dangerous. This requires a lot of investment because I’m not a teacher, so I have to do research in order to organize my classes. But it’s so satisfying to transmit, see and understand their progress and help integrate these “students” into our society. More than a class, it’s a time for very enriching exchange with these people who are so engaging and attentive and whose stories are so harsh.

This engagement, this solidarity with others gives me more strength, more energy and more confidence in myself. And that helps me with my daily work.

Im thankful to the Red Cross for trusting in me.

Sylvie B.