We like Publié le 01 mai 2019

Running to help others

On the 7th of April, at the tenth Milano Marathon, Gianluca Meroni ran happily as part of a charity fundraising group.

Running a marathon involves setting a goal, designing a strategy and giving everything to achieve it. It means to experience moments of extreme physical soreness and fatigue, but to ignore them and be guided by your mind. It means proving yourself that you can reach your goal. But there is more than that: people who participate in the Milano Marathon run to support solidarity causes.

Gianluca Meroni, Prysmian Group Quality Energy Engineer, explains, “The first year, I wanted to be part of the group because many colleagues had also signed up. I imagined it could be a wonderful experience due to the large number of participants involved and because we would be running for charity, which I found very rewarding. This year I decided to continue with this activity because I found it motivating and rewarding both from the physical and human aspects.”

Gianluca and the other members of his team ran to raise funds for the Italian League for the Fight against Cancer (LILT). During the race, participants experienced many emotions, “From the human point of view, it was like running side by side with the people that every day fought against this terrible disease. I felt that I was making a personal contribution to LILT, helping to fight a disease that is affecting increasing numbers of people throughout the world. I also liked to experience the race as a team: we met before the marathon to plan the relay race, to decide who had to go through each part of the track and to commit ourselves to win the challenge on behalf of the company and finish first among the Prysmian Group teams. It was wonderful to feel part of a group that does something for others.”

Photo: Prysmian Group