Luz Rello: From school failure to a PhD

“Dyslexia taught me to see trying over and over again as something normal.”

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New Route

Electriciens sans frontières: Intervening in the most dangerous areas

Given the political and social environment of some of the countries where we operate, it can be difficult for our volunteers to go on location. But alternative types of actions remain possible. When the security context allows it, volunteers living...

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Running to help others

On the 7th of April, at the tenth Milano Marathon, Gianluca Meroni ran happily as part of a charity fundraising group.

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#4people Magazine / 06

- Challenging boundaries - Leila Janah: Empowering through tech - Nature, a source of inspiration

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#4people Magazine / 05

- Agro-entrepreneurs: the bet of the African continent - Catherine Bouguer: “It´s rewarding to collaborate and devote our time to a worthy cause” - Giving...

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Waves Background Created but A big Boat

#4people Magazine / 04

- Magellan and Elcano: heading to the unknown - Bebe Vio: “Isn’t it possible? I´m sorry, I don´t understand those words” - Kamilla Seindler, the...

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