#4people Magazine / 06

- Challenging boundaries
- Leila Janah: Empowering through tech
- Nature, a source of inspiration

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#4people Magazine / 05

- Agro-entrepreneurs: the bet of the African continent
- Catherine Bouguer: “It´s rewarding to collaborate and devote our time to a worthy cause”
- Giving a helping hand

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Waves Background Created but A big Boat

#4people Magazine / 04

- Magellan and Elcano: heading to the unknown
- Bebe Vio: “Isn’t it possible? I´m sorry, I don´t understand those words”
- Kamilla Seindler, the Danish chef who allied with Andean rural development

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#4people Magazine / 03

- Energy to building a more inclusive world
- Design thinking: from Bill Moggridge to the people
- Agostina Di Stefano: The Argentine teacher who empowers a community in New Delhi through her school

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art01-mag02-CYRUS WEST FIELD

#4people Magazine / 02

- Cyrus West Field: The man that endowed the world with a single heartbeat
- Lyn Slater: An accidental fashion icon at 64
- Putting a smile on children´s faces and providing energy supply

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Imoca Prysmian - Giancarlo Pedote

#4people Magazine / 01

- The art of decision-making under pressure
- Luz Rello: From school failure to a PhD
- Electriciens sans frontières: Intervening in the most dangerous areas

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